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BT Earbud


Stylish private design Sports Bluetooth® earphones Waterproof & Sweat proof

Using the Magnet adsorption transmission technology. It can be disassembled flexibly for changing diferent earlap with different sound music world.

Using integrated silicone molding technology,Comfortable, flexible and lightneckband made of ultra-light shape memory alloy Besides, it’s waterproof and sweatproof, and It Is very convenient for storage because of foldable design.

Blending the charging function into the Magnet adsorption transmission technology, forming the Integration technology that disassembling flexibly for changing different earlap and possessing the charging function.


BT Earbud

Portable Bluetooth® headphone

Large sound stage, real reduction of music Powerful bass, nature voice and clear tripe Made for all smartphones Comfortable on-ear fit Excellent value.

BT Earbud

Ultra small/button size/Mono BT Headset/with ultra fast/car charger