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Headend Systems
Our modular Headend system includes all the necessary components to provide solutions for any kind of environment. No matter if signals from several satellites and/or terrestrial sources, no matter how many channels, our modules allow the combination you need.
Sandmartin’s Terrestrial Headends are available with DSB or VSB modulator. Both versions receive DVB-T signals and then modulate them to the channel of your choice.
In combination with satellite headends you can provide the subscribers with the choice of channels that satisfies all wishes.

Our satellite headend modules like all other modules are designed with reliability in mind. The solid aluminum die cast housing guarantees excellent shielding and at the same time very good heat dissipation.
The choice between DSB and VSB modulator output allows you to build a headend system that fits perfectly to your demands. And the CI module allows to distribute Pay-TV content.

Mixer Combiner
Our Mixer-Combiner allows you to combine the signals of up to 4 blocks of 6 receiver modules each onto one coaxial cable. The separate attenuators enable you to balance the signal strengths in order to have the same signal quality for each channel on the combined signal cable.

Our Headend Amplifiers are designed to provide enough output power to drive longer cable lengths. Usually the amplifiers are connected behind the mixer-combiners and boost the entire signal bandwidth to a level that allows a distribution network covering a large area. Models with different output level offer you the right choice for your installation requirements.

The modulators in our headend module system allow you to connect any kind of AV device like VCR, DVD player, Set Top Boxes or AV cameras to your distribution network and assign the related signal to a TV channel of your choice.
Like all other modules, even the modulators are featuring our flexible mounting system that allows the mounting on our special rail system as well as mounting in a 19” rack.

Power Supplies
The Power Supplies of our Headend series are featuring different power outputs to satisfy the requirements of any kind of installation. One power supply delivers power for up to 6 modules and is designed to avoid unnecessary noise. The low ratio between input and output power maintains the overall power consumption low and the selection of used components guarantees a lonf lifetime to let you sleep better over your installations.

TV-TV Converter
Your ideas about channel sorting of analog terrestrial or cable channels within your distribution network are different from the actual frequency assignment? No problem with our TV-TV-Converters. Just move the disturbing channels to other frequencies and provide the sorting of your choice. This way you can avoid any conflict between your headend system and existing TV channels that are combined together.

IF-IF Converter
Problems with satellite transponders from different satellites using the same frequencies? Not with our IF-IF-Converters! Just use the programming device to move the disturbing satellite IF to another frequency and enjoy all the channels from both satellite transponders in your distribution network.
Just another great product from Sandmartin.

Programming Device
Find the right accessories for our Headend Module System here in this section. All items are designed for a installation that should last for a lifetime. But since our modules already include the most necessary accessories, you will find only some specific items that make the installation more easy.

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